Acacia Renewables and Tohoku EPCO sign a Joint Development Agreement to develop an Onshore Wind project in Miyagi Prefecture

Acacia Renewables and Tohoku EPCO have agreed upon the joint development of an onshore wind farm in Miyagi Prefecture. The Shiroishi-Kosugo Wind Farm is planned to be a commercial scale development of 38.4MW that is anticipated to power clean and sustainable energy to the equivalent of approximately 21,400 homes.

Acacia, as lead developer, is currently engaging with the local community and government agencies, to plan the wind farm development as well as undertake the various surveys involved in the environmental impact assessment.

About Tohoku EPCO

Tohoku EPCO, established in 1951, has been responsible for supplying electric power, which is the basis of the daily life and economic activities of the six prefectures of the Tohoku region and Niigata Prefecture, as a public utility company for nearly 70 years.

Regarding renewable energy business, Tohoku EPCO is aiming to develop 2 million kW, especially by wind power generation, mainly in the six prefectures of the Tohoku region and Niigata Prefecture. Tohoku EPCO continues to actively promote the renewable energy business to achieve the target as soon as possible.

About Acacia Renewables

Acacia is Macquarie Capital’s Japanese renewable energy development platform drawing upon Macquarie's market leading global green credentials and is committed to powering a cleaner future. Acacia currently has several onshore and offshore wind projects under development across Japan. Macquarie is a global diversified financial group operating in 30 markets with strengths in a wide range of sectors including infrastructure, resources and green energy.

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