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Technical Analyst

 Location: Tokyo

The Technical/Wind Analyst has responsibility for delivering wind analysis and technical support to assigned projects according to budget, programme and scope.

The primary focus of work will be wind energy projects. This includes resource assessment, layout design, wind data quality checking and wind speed predictions, energy yield predictions and uncertainty analysis, noise and shadowing assessments and GIS analysis.


Further project work on solar and biomass projects is expected.

Organisational Context

The Technical/Wind Analyst (TWA) reports to the Technical Manager. To be successful in a
competitive market the TWA will need to:


  • Work on a diverse range of projects in different markets and locations.

  • Work autonomously within the project team to ensure the quality and level of technical analysis is fit for purpose and in line with the projects budget and risk profile.

  • Ensure projects are optimised in terms of their design, energy production and profitability.

  • Continuously strive to develop efficient working processes and reduce waste within the project delivery team.

  • Work with external parties to source specialist expertise and analysis to projects where appropriate.

Key Accountabilities

  • Provision of wind data analysis and wind speed predictions

  • Assessment/due diligence of third party wind project data

  • Provision of layout design and constraint mapping

  • Application of GIS based site finding model to identify new site opportunities

  • Provision of energy yield and uncertainty analysis

  • Provision and coordination of appropriate technical support for projects as they proceed through development and closing phases (EMI, noise, shadowing, flow modelling, turbine suitability, etc.)

  • Upkeep of project GIS models

  • Adhering to best practice for all the above technical assessments

  • Technical support for transactions and closing projects including technical due diligence and condition compliance

  • Identification and implementation of optimum wind assessment measurement regimes - Liaison with external measurement campaign providers


  • Energy yield and wind speed predictions best practice

  • Layout design and constraints – Adaptable to Japan and new market specific requirements

  • Noise and Shadow flicker assessments – Adaptable to country specific requirements

  • Planning process and stages in Japan and relevant SE Asian markets

Skills & Requirements

  • WindPRO/WAsP (preferred) or other wind project development software

  • Basic GIS (ArcMap) user

  • Basic use of CAD in a geographical context (Civil 3D)

  • Basic competence in Python/ R and VBA or other programming language

  • Driving Licence

  • Minimum of conversational English but keen to learn

  • Relevant experience of wind, solar, acoustic and statistical analysis or project technical work

  • On the job training to be provided as required

  • Degree level qualification in Physics, Mathematics, Engineering Science or related discipline or equivalent

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