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What is Onshore Wind?

Wind energy is the generation of electricity from wind. There are 2 types of wind energy: onshore and offshore  Let’s talk about onshore wind here. Onshore wind refers to wind farms that are situated on land, usually on the top of mountains or an open space in remote areas where there is a constant flow of non-turbulent wind.

How does it work?

[Expert explanation here]

  • It's a relatively source of renewable energy [numbners cost/kWh]

  •  Quick installation process [installation time stats]

  • Electricity is only produced when there is a sufficient amount of wind. When the wind level is low, coal and fuel need to be substituted as an alternative energy source

  • Building a wind farm could alter the natural look of the landscape

  • Loud noises caused by the turning of wind turbine

Our Expertise

With our onshore wind experts, we only select sites that prove that the wind availability is constant and the wind level is stable to ensure that situation of insufficient wind is to a minimum.


Wind farm designs to ensure that the addition of wind turbines will provide an aesthetically pleasing view to the natural scenery with minimal disruption to eco-habitats. Wind farms are designated in an area that is distant from residency to prevent local individuals from loud noises.


[May need to mention some of the projects we do in other parts of Asia]

Our Development Process

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