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What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is perhaps the most common form of renewable in domestic households and industries. [Insert stats here] Solar energy simply means converting light and heat from the sun into electricity. Solar panels are used to harness this energy and they are usually installed on roofs or an open remote area to ensure maximise sun light absorption.

How does it work?

There are a few processes that convert sunlight into energy. The process that occur in solar panels is called Photovoltaic system. They are made of semiconductor, material that allow the conversion from sunlight to electricity. [When the sunlight hits these semiconductors, they produce electrons, which are pushed through the device and make a current.]

  • Sustainable energy source

  • No CO2 emission

  • Low electricity bill cost

  • Relatively easy to install

  • Can be used in remote rural locations

  • Costly initial set up cost

  • Costly energy storage fee

  • Can only yield energy when sunlight is available​

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